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The Digital Agenda for Europe 2020-2030 focuses on profound changes introduced by digital technologies, the essential role of digital services and markets, and new EU technological and geopolitical ambitions.

The main purpose of this project is to define an EU system for the data collection for AI, that can assist and simplify the process self-assessment of basic digital skills in continuous professional training, C-VET, and using results produced by this AI by educators to build tailor-made training courses/learning paths.

AI4LL is aimed at exploiting the potential of AI in the field of Education, to help VET teacher better assessing the Digital Skills of their students in order to design customised training programmes aimed at promoting Digital Competences as a Transversal Dimension in Vocational Training Curricula and evaluate the efficacy and the achievements of the Learning Journey.  


AI4LL therefore will contribute to make a better use of digital technology for teaching and learning; to develop relevant digital skills for the digital transformation and improve education through better data analysis and foresight.


AI4ALL started in February 2022, funded by the Erasmus+ Agency in Portugal, who judged it relevant with the mission of the partners composing the Consortium and, overall, with the EC policies of the Digital Agenda Framework, Artificial Intelligence and Dataset.



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Main outputs of the project:

Development of a Training Toolkit for AI4ALL:

an Artificial Intelligence to support the self-assessment process of basic digital skills

Training of C-VET educators and trainers:

the training concerns the basic concepts of AI and the use of the training toolkit

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